Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday! Swing, swing!

This little swing card is for our granddaughter's 8th baptismal birthday anniversary. Doves and pearls are extra special because of biblical references.

I'll add a little handwritten note in cursive (yay, she's learning cursive this school year!) to remind her that God has made her His own dear child, and that He is ALWAYS with her!

I'm feeling like a Rumplestiltskin who has awakened after a long, long, non-creative nap (though I guarantee you I haven't been sleeping or napping). My life these past few years has been FULL of roadtrips and caregivings, grandchild care, and friend-care days. Now that school has begun full-time for a couple grands and childcare has become part-time, along with elder-care part-time, I am truly hoping and praying I can get back to using all the wonderful Close To My Heart and other paper stash products in my studio for awesome causes and events!

Thank you for stopping by and renewing your hellos and comments. I hope to stay back in the mojo and share more as time goes by!

The papers are inks are sweet leaf and crystal blue from CTMH packets. The Happy Birthday stamp is from the Party Banners set, and the bird stamp is from VERVE.

Remember to make your envelope pretty by stamping it too!


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