Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Minimalist Me

While waiting for the glossy black paint to dry on My Studio's counter tops, I created a birthday card for my brother the Fisherman, and for my dear friend. These were both fast, simple, and fun! I get great satisfaction creating something out of nearly nothing--and as you can see from my art posts, I have a very minimalist design concept in most things I do. Some days I use more layers than others. Most days I keep it simple.
My parents, my aunts and uncles, my DH, and others who have lived through good and rough times, have all had an impact on how I save and recycle items. One of those categories is greeting cards. If a beautiful card has another "life" after landing in my mailbox, I'm sure to cut it up and find another use for it!
To me, less is more.

Isn't it great that God made each one of us so uniquely and so special? That's a GOOD thing! Celebrate life and all its gifts!

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