Thursday, April 22, 2010


We've been painting inside and out, powerwashing and staining the deck and fence, raking, mowing, planting, and mulching ... and one nice morning we took a break to go to a city park where Ella caught her first fish EVER. That pic is on Emily's blog.

Here's DH fishing that morning--he walked the entire lake perimeter only to do lots of fishin' but no catchin'. This foto is my best catch of the day.

Anticipation! We have a fishing trip planned for early May and another for early June. Whether it's fishin' or catchin', DH and I will definitely be restin'. Vacation, we're ready for ya.


shirley said...

It looks very serene along the water. Your DH has a lot of patience! Thanks for the comments on my blog.

Sharli said...

NICE photo! I love people who are calm and serene enough to fish. I live on a lake and there are always people fishing just across the water from my house. I'm lucky enough to live at the best fishing spot on the lake! LOL It's 35 feet deep here, and they stock it with bass - so the fishing is good. (I don't fish, just watch fishing).
Oops, I digress.

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