Thursday, March 19, 2009

You Make My Heart Sing

It's so good to be home! This morning I read a chapter in James, and this verse popped out at me, because my heart has been singing a lot these past two weeks. I'm singing today because it's the LAST day of winter!

Is anyone happy? Let him sing songs of praise. James 5:13

I'm singing songs of praise for all God's blessings, and giving Him thanks in all circumstances. My happiness flows because of Jesus' love and care for me.

Here are a few fotos since getting back from the Caribbean vacation. Ella keeps my world constantly "spinning" literally and figuratively!

I'm anxious to get some vacation fotos printed and work on the Close To My Heart acrylic album I haven't tackled yet...I've enjoyed seeing those other consultants have made and am so motivated!

Ella's new Caribbean-motif dress fit her just right. The bright colors of the people in Central America and Mexico are so vibrant. I wonder what our neighbors would think if we painted our house a bright Caribbean blue with hot pink shutters?

Here's Ella at our patio door, watching for the woodpeckers and cardinals to come for lunch.

We just saw a blue jay eat peanuts we left for him on the deck.

She's very into birds and planets right now...yes, planets...and knows their names and talks about the rings around them!

Ella & Emily read a farm book together. Ella likes to put the magnetized nose of the puppy on the animal making the sound on each page.


Hope said...

What a great verse! I loved reading it just now. And your Ella is just beautiful!

Hope said...

What wonderful news! So sorry to hear about the morning sickness. Ella is going to make a wonderful big sister!! Blessings to your daughter!

Jane ... said...

Thanks, Hope! Emily & Christopher & we appreciate everyone's prayers & trust that all will be well.

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