Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

Check out some terrific shadow shots on Tracy's blog at HeyHarriet!

I've really enjoyed seeing things and people in different ways since participating in Tracy's SSS meme.

Shadows have been very muted here lately--you'll have to look hard for them in some of my photos.

We had an energizing walking morning at our beautiful city park, site of the 1904 World's Fair, and captured a few shadows at the pavilion and at the zoo too. So many of the animals were having a lonnnnnnng siesta ... something we humans should really do more often!

The 1904 World's Fair Pavilion--concrete ball sculptures at the entrance ...

Shadows inside the pavilion--it's a massive structure, now used for receptions and dances--what fun!

A view from the pavilion looking over the fountain and lake near the Boat House ... after photographing this, a group began their "boot camp" on the grassy lawn. Groan. These steps made a great place for lunges. DH can verify I lunged up all three flights of them. I'll feel it tomorrow.

Leafy shadows on Rajah's back in the dusty but peaceful elephant habitat ...

A sea turtle napping underwater along the River's Edge ... can you find him?

The zoo train tracks that never end ...

Enjoy your Sunday and happy new week ahead, wherever your tracks lead YOU. Blessings!


Martha Z said...

Even with the clouds you managed to get some good shadows. I've been to that zoo and it is a good one.

bobbie said...

these are such beautiful shadows! Every single one of them~ Thanks for sharing.

Sharli said...

Oh Wow Jane! What excellent photos! I can imagine a wedding shower in that pavillion . . . you can almost see the bride and her father dancing. The steps were too far up for me to try (tee,hee) but I'm really proud of you! I love your photos but my very favorite is the tracks. I love pathways, tracks, doors - they hint at something around the corner.

Thank you for sharing!

MyMaracas said...

Beautiful! That second one with the red ceiling is really something special.

Hey Harriet said...

Love all these! What a fun day you had! I love the idea of regular long siestas for humans too! That gets my vote!!! Have a great week :)

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Hi Jane,
You really shared us those wonderful trip that gave us to see the great shadows.

THanks for bringing me in you zoo.


Janet said...

The pavilion photo is GREAT! I know its so hard to get shots like that with the difference in lighting...good job!

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