Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Memories Part 2

We were married 40 years ago in St. Paul Lutheran Church in NW Ohio.

We had to have help to get our car out of the creek bed
behind the church's parking lot
after some well-meaning family members and friends
thought they would hide it for us to prevent tricksters
from doing their wedding night fun stuff.
Last Sunday when we arrived in Ohio, we drove into the parking lot
to say our "I do's" again, 
and our laughs about the past just continue.

After retrieving our car 40 years ago,
we left Ohio for a two-night stay near Detroit,
where DH had to take his final exams at the Michigan State U satellite campus.
His prof told him he would give him an A in his classes
just for showing up.
Then we headed East.

I'll let you use your imagination when I tell you that we
honeymooned in Pennsylvania's beautiful Pocono Mountains
in a pup tent.
What were we thinking?
It rained every night.
Each morning we packed up our gear and moved to a higher location.
By the end of the week, we had developed a very organized camp site,
we dried out,
and we had eaten a 10-lb family pack of hamburgers--
grilled--and 101 other ways to eat ground beef.
(What an awakening to go grocery shopping with a groom for the first time!
He still buys family packs of everything.
Even now when there are only two of us at home.)
Great memories. Beautiful mountains and lakes.
Our Polaroid pictures are slowly fading.
But the memories are fresh in our minds.

1 comment:

Sharli said...

Thank God! Thankful that you have such wonderful memories, and that they are so alive for you, so fresh! You are indeed blessed - but I know for a fact that you "pass it on" - you give that love to each other and to all around you. Love your story about the 101 ways to eat hamburger! LOL


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