Friday, October 16, 2009


First--here's "Feelin' the power" heading for the LO showing DD Bethany using the leaf blower on the deck ...

We have to do this a couple times a day lately. The leaves are falling fast.

Hope to see some pretty color this next week if the rain doesn't beat all the leaves off the trees.

Second--two Twitterpated cards ...

Close To My Heart Stickease makes card making so fun and simple. And it's a great alternative to stamping, especially while my eyes are not quite up to little detail work.

And Third--a Twitterpated bookmark using more cardstock and Stickease ...
Here's my first attempt at machine stitching on cardstock. HELP! I can't blame this funny zig (NOT) zag look on my poor eyes. Could it be the tension? (the machine's...not mine!)
If you're a paper crafting stitcher and have any hints for me, send them my way, 'cause I'm gonna keep trying and get this right! I love sewing, and wish I had tried this long ago! I'm grabbing the challenge.
Actually, I think I've come up with a really unique ziggity skippity zaggity look without even trying!
Happy Twitterpating weekend!

1 comment:

Sharli said...

Gosh Jane, the stitching looks terrific - I thought you did it on purpose!!!?! These are just gorgeous - makes me want to go play with this paper pack! Nice work - looks like you're eyes are healing . . .

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