Thursday, October 15, 2009

You Are My Sunshines

Some recent photos of family members...

DH (aka O'Pa) and Ella eating mint chocolate chip ice cream...he's teaching her well, eating straight from the carton!

DD Emily, 8 months pregnant with Baby 2--so exciting!

DD Bethany (aka Aunt B) with Ella and her ice cream spoon

Ella had just given "tummy baby" a kiss--camera, you just gotta shoot faster!

O'Pa with Ella after their ice cream treat

These are the sunshines in my days, along with S-I-L, Christopher, not pictured here. He's such a busy husband, daddy, and teacher.

This weekend I hope to be better at capturing everyone for some new pix, and the sun has promised to shine. I'm counting on it.

I thank You, Lord, for each of these blessings in my life. You are good ALL the time!


Sharli said...

How precious!
I love that they're eating the ice cream right out of the carton! Now that's what I call family.

(deep sigh of contentment!)

Emily said...

Great shots! cream. Going to get some right now... :)

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