Friday, December 18, 2009

The FINAL Final

A celebration is in order! Our DD Bethany took her FINAL final exam in graduate school, and is so glad to be finished with classes. We're all so happy for her, and so glad she's entering her professional life as a doctor of chiropractic with only one more semester of clinicals and then a Spring 2010 graduation.

I'm especially thankful she's willing to adjust me and keep my skeletal and muscular system fine tuned!

This is the "dream" card I sent to her. The Unforgettable papers match the Memory Keeper Box and Album I gave her last year for her birthday. Unforgettable is an appropriate theme for her last four years of hard work, patience, acquiring patients, and showing strong commitment to accomplishing her goal.

Here's Bethany at 19 months old, looking through my huge sunglasses--we had wonderful hopes and dreams for her then, as we continue to have. (Like that Clydesdale tee?!)

And here's Bethany now, a beautiful young woman with so much to give. She's an awesome daughter, sister, aunt to two cute little girls, granddaughter, niece, and wonderful friend to many. And so much more!

We pray God blesses her richly as she uses her RN and DC skills, shows her nurturing, caring self to others, and provides healing care to those in need.

Dr. Bethany!
Continue to DREAM.

Her thanks-filled mama,


Jennifer said...

Congratulations proud mama!!! That's an awesome accomplishment!

Jena said...

Hooray - best wishes to her! Love the old pic of her, too cute! I can tell you are one proud mama!

Leslie said...

tell Dr. Bethany that your blogging friends wish her all the best.

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