Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm Jingle-ing Again

with the Close To My Heart "Jingle" paper packet tonight.

It's been quite a while since I've taken any time to create with paper crafting supplies, and it's so good to get back to the studio. Tonight's projects have been super simple. I'm still experiencing severe dry eyes and am not able to use them for extended time periods. In between doing things, I use my RX eye drops and just close them and listen to uplifting Christmas CDs. It's called ENJOY.

This evening I made more cards with dimensional snowflakes, glitter, Sparkles, spiral clips, and Juniper ribbon ... here are some of the cards:

I love these Jingle papers, full of snowflakes, Christmas trees, decorated gifts, polka dots, and more.
I'm reminded that God our Father created every snowflake and evergreen tree unique and different, to be part of His beautiful creation
for us to enjoy and share with others.
God is so good!
When He sent His Son Jesus to be born
and to grow up to be our Savior from sin,
He gave us His best gift He could ever give!
He "made our spirits bright"
with the Light of Jesus' love.
That's the message I love in this Jingle paper!
Let's keep CHRIST in Christmas
and focus on Him during this season.

I random stamped the cards inside with Tulip 
and added the Juniper sentiment:

and then I made a set of 10 thank-you notes
for a stocking stuffer ...

(Each of these was quick and easy, using mostly scraps--
that's such a rewarding feeling--
no wasting this gorgeous paper!)

Last, I decorated quite a few paper gift bags I had purchased
at the dollar store ... handy for giving homemade treats to friends!

Happy new week, everyone, and thanks for looking!


Becky said...

OMG, you have been busy, these are just fabulous.

Sharli said...

Wonderful!!!! You are such an inspiration - I love the idea of thank you cards for the stocking! Now why didn't I think of that one! LOL

Your gift bags are so pretty they might as well be the gift! So glad you posted today - there's still time.

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