Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Clean & Simple Cards

We had recently commented that we made it through the winter without any colds or flu strikes. Then spring came on the calendar. Soon after, DH got zonked out of commission with a case of the stomach virus. It's Murphy's Law that when one goes into a doctor's office, one comes out with something worse! That seems to have happened this past week. It wasn't 24 hours after his doctor's office visit and he had the BUG.

I've been forcing liquids into him to prevent dehydration. Each day he feels a bit better. Today he ate chicken noodle soup broth. So far, so good!

Meanwhile, since our crazy weekend snow and sleet storm and the poor guy nearly living in the bathroom, I made these CAS (clean and simple) cards. That's all I could eeeeek out, and they were fun.

Hoping to get our house back to "clean" and life back to "simple" soon!

Stay well! Don't let the bug getcha!

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