Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Autumn Arrived with a Pumpkin Patch Cap!

Yesterday I caught 15 month old hurricane ella wearing her pumpkin patch cap crocheted by her great aunt K. It has a cute green stem and curly vines on the top (hard to see in the pic). Last year E got ee a cute chocolate velvety soft corduroy coat for fall/winter and it just fits ee now. ee is on a quilt made by her great aunt J--we have so many talented crafters in our family to be thankful for!

Another LO is in the works ... ee can now say "happy halloween!"

We visited relatives & friends in MI and OH for 9 days, and now are home with luggage to unpack. I enjoyed scrapping with my creative mom & friends in my hometown. Thanking God for the gorgeous fall weather & the leaves turning their rich golds & reds ... our drive was beautiful past the fields of beans and corn ready to be harvested. What a reminder of God's goodness to our earth!

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