Friday, January 9, 2009

Prepare to Get Mooned on January 10

Are you a sky watcher? Get ready for a treat! Not only are Jupiter and Venus still bright in the southern sky, but also we'll get "mooned" again soon in a special way. (Tell me you didn't moon someone at least once in your teen years! Woohoo!)
Here's the scoop straight from NASA:
A second "perigee" moon of this season will appear tomorrow night in the sky. Perigee means "the point of closest approach." This evening the moon is larger and brighter in our Midwest sky than it was in December when the first perigee moon appeared for our winter 08-09 season. Tomorrow should be an even more awesome site. Get your cameras and tripods ready! (Photo credit: Ron Hodges)
Okay, scrappin' friends, I'm already thinking some great moon shots would make a beautiful "Stardust" papers layout ... let's get snappin'!

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