Saturday, July 4, 2009


Honor--Courage--Commitment ... the motto of the United States Navy

Here's our nephew John, a Navy Seaman in training, a darn good reason Americans can be thankful and proud of their military service people! He's following his dad's path in a Navy career.

John brought Navy tees for his grandparents during a recent visit with them. Dad's advice always is, "Keep your chin up and follow the rules." And John does! He makes us very proud.

On this Independence Day of remembering and celebrating our freedoms, we thank all those who have in the past and those who work in the present to constantly preserve the freedoms we all enjoy.

When I get a photo, I'll make an accompanying layout page of our nephew Paul, serving in the Air Force in Italy.

Thank you all for your honor, courage, commitment to duty, and for enlisting to serve and to help keep our country strong.

Thanks to Dad for his Army service during World War II!

Happy July Fourth!


Leslie said...

Jane, let me know if he ever gets posted to NS Mayport in Jacksonville, FL. My husband was stationed here 35 years ago during Nam. We never thought we'd be living here, but here we are. God Bless America.

Becky said...

What a wonderful lay out, and wonderful pictures.

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