Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Corner of the World

Last week I finished writing creation lessons for a grade 1 parochial school curriculum. When I look at such simple yet profound things such as a flower or a bee, or a spider in a web, I wonder how anyone cannot believe in a loving Creator God--one who not only made everything good, but still cares for His creation, even though we who are part of it fail to love, care for, and respect it at times! And God said, "It is good." And I say, "Thank You, God."

A big part of my "gramma's garden" includes pink coneflowers--they attract the butterflies and bees so well. And I don't have to plant them. The birds do it all for me. Here the bees are feasting.

Daisies--all varieties--are one of my favorite flowers. These are plants that came from my mom's garden, and maybe from my grandma's before that, 500 miles away. This morning we had rain--I love taking photos in the rain and the raindrops on petals. Hmmm...sounds like a song coming...
My DH calls daisies weeds. What does he know? I'm glad he plants grass.

I carried a basket of daisies, blue cornflowers, and pink coneflowers at our wedding 39 years ago. It was a very old-fashioned grandma's garden combination. And now I am that gramma. I've grown into her.

Dear gardening friend Shirley gave me this most beautiful rain lily plant. Hers bloomed a month ago. She'll be so proud that my green thumbs kept this one alive and happy! I'll divide it after it finishes blooming, and share with another green thumbed friend.

Cats &, dinosaurs and elephants...that's what it's been raining here! We got 6 inches of rain in about 6 hours. I got this shot by placing a large towel over me AND my camera. Let's call it the towel effect.
Couldn't miss capturing this rain lily bloom--a real surprise this morning! Hey, I'm not getting any shadow shots lately, but I do have a ton of very happy flowers here with all the God-sent moisture. It's the BEST.

Look who took a nap in our bird sanctuary in the back yard...maybe with all the rain this weekend, her mama brought her to higher ground and knew she'd be safe here. She was sleeping behind one of the cedar trees, and her mama most likely watched her from the woods. I failed to get a photo of her beautiful spots as she eventually stood up, stretched, and then ran into the woods.
Little Fawn is about one month old, we guestimate. She's the first offspring we've seen this year. I hope we'll see more. Her family of 8-12 grownups are frequent yard visitors. Some of them make their beds in our day lily gardens overnight where it's cool and moist. They've made dessert out of some of our hostas. When I go onto the deck with my camera, they look at me with an expression that asks, "What are you doing in our yard?"


Sharli said...

Sorry you've had so much rain - but what blessings in the form of green and flowers!!! Very beautiful photos, too!

Jena said...

What fabulous, beautiful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing!

Hope said...

Love your flowers! Just the other day I had one of those God moments. Waiting in my car at carpool for my oldest, a dragonfly (I think that is what is was!) landed on my windshield. It was close enough for me to see his colors, the shape of his head, his wings. My first thought was how could anyone look at this little creature and think it was an accident! May God have all the glory. Thanks for sharing your garden. :)

scrap your heart out with Jen said...

What beautiful photos, I couldn't agree more with what God has created. It is all so awesome.

Jane ... said...

Tracy at left me this email message after a second try at commenting. Thanks, Tracy! Thanks, everyone!

Hi there Jane,

Popped in again just before and it worked fine. Not sure why it didn't work computer bein' silly I guess. It was really lovely!

Cheers Tracy :)

Janet said...

Aunt Jane - These are really beautiful! Keep it are getting better and better with that camera!

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