Monday, July 27, 2009

Little Nature Girl

... finds the tiniest pieces of the outdoors and becomes creative ... a little leaf that she picks up becomes a blanket for an inch-long baby praying mantis she finds on a lily bloom ... today we watched the little pm walk from the bloom, down the stem, into the soil, and though she wanted to "hold it!", she was satisfied that he had found his mommy and daddy in his dirt-home.

... takes her little bunny to meet the birdies in the hands of the St Francis garden sculpture ...

... covers the bunny family with grass and small leaves in her plastic container bunny "nest" ...

... then places the mama and baby bunny under a hosta leaf to take a nap (something little nature girl would rather not do) ...

... uses a twig as a screwdriver to "fix my pedal" ... she might have gotten the fix-it genes from O'Pa (a good thing) ... "Does it still squeak?" are some of her favorite words as she makes a list of things to repair (her mommy taught her the art of list-making--a valuable trait at TWO)!

What fun we have with little nature girl! I hope she keeps her fists closed tightly tonight so those roly poly bugs don't get loose in her bed.


Becky said...

What awesome pictures, and great memories.

Hope said...

SO beautiful!!! I just couldn't help smiling as I viewed all of those pics. God is so good. Thanks for the kind words. I hope it's okay but I LOVE your new mantra and have already adopted it as my own! (lol!) Have a wonderful and God-filled trip my friend. 'See' you upon your return! Blessings!

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