Saturday, August 24, 2013

I {Heart} Flip Flaps!

Laughing Lola Layout with Flip Flaps on left, top, and right
(After taking the photo, I moved the top Flip Flap to the right so it was even with the layout page.
Photos were taken with the Memory Page Protectors on, creating a slight glare.)


Left side, Flip Flap closed

Right side, Flip Flap closed & top, Flip Flap down

Right side, Flip Flap open

Look! Look and see!
Look and see how Flip Flaps can add photo space to your layout!
Here's my original two-page layout where I used only two photos.

By using three of the 6 x 12 inch Flip Flaps,
I was able to add SEVEN more photos and areas for stamping!

I have SO much more fun scrapbooking memory album pages
with the help of Close To My Heart's Flip Flaps.

They're available in a:
*  Small Assortment (4 each of the 2 inch square; 3 inch square; 3 x 4 inches; and 4 inch square)
*  Ten-pack of 6 inch squares
*  12 Inch Assortment (4 of the 6 x 12 inch, 2 of the 4 x 12 inch, and 2 of the 8 x 12 inch)
*  Photo Size (15 of the 4 x 6 inch)
 You can find Flip Flaps in the NEW Autumn/Winter Idea Book on page 135. 
It's simple to slide your photos and artwork into the pockets,
and attach the Flip Flaps to your Memory Page Protector with the adhesive strips.
Click here to begin!

I'm laughing and flipping over Laughing Lola papers and these great Flip Flaps!

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