Sunday, June 28, 2009

Anniversary Photo Collage

Before I head to bed for a great night's sleep on our own sleep number mattress (ahh!), I want to share this photo collage that my DH and I created and gave to Dad and Mom for their 63rd wedding anniversary. I took the photos when we visited in April, and though the photo of the gift project doesn't show the rich colors well because of some reflections in the glass, the greens and ivories in the photos look so nice with the wood tone of the collage frames. The photos are 4 x 6's and 5 x 7's.

I just knew that my parents' comments would be, "Oh, we don't want OUR photos on our wall..." and I also knew that I'd have to promise to switch out the photos with those of grandchildren and great-grandchildren during our next visit ... well, maybe I will, maybe I won't ...

Aren't they the cutest couple? Click the image to enlarge and to see their smiles and shining love even better.

God bless you real good, Mom and Dad!


Jennifer said...

Your collage is beautiful and I know they'll treasure it!! Reminds me of my precious parents who've been married 44 years!! I'll tell you, I feel so richly blessed that my parents are still together and love each other today as much as they did the day they married! Thanks for sharing!

Sharli said...

Oh Jane, what a beautiful collage! I am struck by the sweetness of them holding onto each other with both hands! That's the kind of love and devotion that I've only dreamed about - and I admire people who have worked so hard to create a good, strong marriage. Your gift is from the heart and it really shows.

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