Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Father's Grace

My dad and the unconditional love he showed to me all my life is the focus of an inspirational article that you can read at this site: WomenToWomen:SharingJesus.

From Dad's words and actions, I grew up learning the love, forgiveness, and grace that God our heavenly Father offers to each of us.

Our Creator Father cares for you and me, and He wants us to be in a personal relationship with Him, to come to Him with our joys, sorrows, needs, and wants, to thank and praise Him, and to share His love in Christ Jesus with others.

If you know your heavenly Father and He's part of your daily life, I praise and thank God for that! If you want to know Him and all He has done for you, begin by reading the Psalms and the Book of John. Talk to Him and tell Him in your own words how you feel, what you need, your hurts and your thanksgivings. He hears our prayers and promises to answer us. It's like talking with your best friend!

God bless your relationship with your father and Father as you celebrate this Father's Day on Sunday and every day!


Diane said...

I am indeed grateful for the relationship I have with my earthly father. Just spent the day with him yesterday doing things together and running lots of fun errands. I thank God for him. And I'm grateful he is a powerful man of vibrant in the Lord at 82.

I am also thankful that our loving God calls us into intimate fellowship with Him. He stoops down from the grandeur of heaven to claim us as His own in Christ. Amazing grace!

sarayutouched said...

my dad is a quiet man of God...i am blessed to be the daughter of this man. i am blessed that Papa God choose me as His child. this is a very lovely tribute.

Becky said...

I am blessed!! :)

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