Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Out with the Old Square Corners...

Here's an art form right in our front yard ...

Yesterday the concrete flatwork workers came to rip out the old driveway and sidewalk and form the new areas.

Today the concrete trucks are here, and the men are working fast and furiously to create the new driveway and sidewalk. It's exciting! And loud machines and cement trucks are like magnets to get neighbors out of their houses to gather together.

I'm so happy with the curves that replace the square corners for a softer, more welcoming look, and with a wider step to the front porch along with a wider sidewalk winding its way to the step. Everything looks more balanced now with the double front doors. It's truly a collaboration of artists to achieve an eye-appealing entry! It will be fun to add the impatiens and Stella de Oro lilies to the new area.

Some "after" photos will follow.

I'd like to be scrappingly creative today, but while the A/C is pumping and the high outdoor heat is keeping me out of the gardens, I've decided to ZIP off the wallpaper border in our hallway--a relic from the long-past "country" look--and on the next "indoor working day" I'll paint with fresh White Chocolate. That makes me hungry...

1 comment:

Leslie said...

It's going to look awesome.

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