Friday, June 5, 2009

Good Times Father's Day Card

I threw this card together today, and I think it's going to become a "redo"--right now I'm calling it one of my pathetic attempts! If so, I'll post the before and after! I'll call it a practice card (I need a LOT more practice!) because I messed up on the water color in places, have too many things going on both on the front and the inside, and have to rethink it all after a good night's sleep! The inside is a pull-out meant to have a fishing license attached--something we girls in the family always give to DH for Father's Day.

We're getting some gorgeous weekend weather, so I'm going to lock up the studio and take a breather. Tomorrow we're going to a Strawberry Festival in a quaint French river town nearby, and will be back next week, hopefully with newer and better things to post!

Enjoy your weekend! God bless you REAL good!


Carla Harrah said...

I love the card the way it is. This is great!

Jamie Harder said...

Super card!! I love what you did with this stamp set!!!

SamieVt said...

I love this card. What a great way to put this stamp set to good use! I'm gonna have to give it a whirl! Thanks for sharing! Your work is always wonderful!

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