Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy All Saints Day November 1!

Today in the Christian church, we observe "All Saints Day" -- a commemoration of those who have died in the Christian faith, and a celebration of the "sainthood" that God gives us as sinner-saints here on earth, all because of Jesus' loving action for us on the cross. By faith in our Savior Jesus, God sees us as saints in His family of believers!

I've been honored to be one of the contributing writers for the web site Women to Women: Sharing Jesus. That's where you'll find my recent devotion, "Sinner-Saints in God's Family." Please check it out and take time to leave a comment. We're all about sharing Jesus' love and the Good News of forgiveness with others!

God bless your new week ... and may the saints go marchin' in ... and on ... and through ... to His glory!


Leslie said...

Jane, that is such a wonderful thought. I tried to click on your women to women link but it kept taking me back to my blog.

Jane ... said...

Thank you, Leslie! And thanks for the heads up about the link. I've corrected it, so it should work fine now. Blessings, "Saint Leslie"!

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