Monday, November 29, 2010

Floral Photo Note Cards

These are samples of my floral photo note cards -- and some Grand Canyon and botanical garden scenes -- most of the flower photos are from our yard and gardens. The Writing Spider lives in my parents' yucca plant. (He's called the Writing Spider because of the zigs and zags he creates in his web, a creative device to help catch more insects. He's claimed his yucca home for almost 6 months!)

Yesterday's Vendor Fair was a success, and I've declared today "My 2010 Mental Health Day." Translation: put away Fall decor; make turkey noodle soup; rest my eyes.

Happy Monday everyone, and may you be successful if you're cyber shopping today!

Thanks for dropping in to visit and to leave your kind comment.


Marie said...

These are gorgeous!!!!
I'm much did you sell your cards for?

Jane said...

Thank you, Marie! I emailed you. :)

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