Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Cactus Photo Card

We have a beautiful bloomer!

Our Christmas cactus began to bloom the week after Thanksgiving. I've taken many lovely photos of the blooms, and enjoy using them for floral cards.

This Christmas greeting card is for friends whom we've known for 30 plus years, since moving and making our home in Missouri. Fred and Lois have been wonderful examples and mentors to us as friends, parents, and grandparents. Their children were our children's first and favorite babysitters. They have lived Christmas every day and we thank the Lord for them!

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Sharli said...

How beautiful! I love the card, Jane, and if you don't mind - I'd love to know how on earth you got the Christmas cactus to bloom??? Mine is 2 years old now - it was fabulous the first year and while it still looks very healthy - it hasn't bloomed. Dish for me, ok?

I used the same stamp set for a lot of my cards, I love that sentiment. Nice work!


Jane said...

Sharli, Ms CC here is very low maintenance. I put her on the deck for the summer, and bring her into the kitchen before the first hard frost. She gets watered about once a month. We're very fortunate she's happy since she blooms "on schedule"! I'll have to read more about them to help you get a good bloomer.

Jamie Harder said...

Beautiful picture!!! My cactus ALWAYS blooms early...except this is just starting now!

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