Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ice Storm, Thirsty Robins & a Winter Sunset

Last week the ice storm that hit our area kept us inside four days in a row. Schools and businesses were closed. I got a lot of cookies and candies made and did some paper crafting too!

When we finally got out to the stores, there were no de-icers to be found. The sun doesn't hit our driveway and front sidewalk directly, so we had to be patient for yesterday and today's above-freezing temperatures. Meanwhile, hundreds of people visited the ERs because of falls and broken bones.

 Shadows, hungry finches, and a robin on the deck railing ... we do have robins who "winter over" in our area.

 Then ... more robins came to lunch!

 As I watched, a family of robins and a pair of cardinals perched in the oak tree.

A few minutes later, a flock of robins rested in the tree near the deck. Then they flew from the tree to our roof, and back and forth. DH and I watched them for nearly an hour, and at times the flock numbered hundreds, peppering the sky!

The December sunset after the storm ... winter is okay as long as I'm inside looking out.


Sharli said...

Hi Jane!
Ice storms are very scary! I hope you are safe and warm.

Marie said...

Love the photos. And all of the baked goodies look super yummy!

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