Monday, April 20, 2009

Dogwoods in Bloom

It's beginning to look and feel more like Spring should look and feel! We have had a couple inches of rain these last two days.

The dogwood blooms survived and I got out this morning for some good shots. I like how the dogwood flower reminds us of Jesus' cross and His blood-stained hands (a dark spot on each petal).

These are our "Easter people" trees--reminding us of the New Life Jesus has made possible for all who believe in Him--and honoring all our family members and friends who have gone to heaven to be with Him.

Jesus lives! He lives for you and me! Alleluia!

1 comment:

Grace said...

Hi Jane! Thanks for visiting my blog and more importantly, for the lovely devotional you wrote on Women to women. I so enjoyed your written word! I love your dogwood trees and the significance you share with us about them. Easter truly is the most blessed season we as Christians celebrate! What glorious assurance we have because He lives! I left a lengthy comment on Women to women but it never posted... maybe too long? Just wanted you to know. Thanks again... it was truly inspired!

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