Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday's Card Workshop Rocked

... thanks to the 9 participants who came to get inky and sticky-glue-y with me yesterday afternoon! Some made 3 cards, some made 6, and one made 7! One was a very new crafter and others had varied levels of paper crafting experience. The best part was that everyone made new friends and enjoyed using the new papers, embellishments, punches, Liquid Glass, Sparkes, and ribbons.

One thing is for sure: EVERYONE just loves the MyAcrylix stamp sets and blocks! (That's what attracted me to CTMH a year ago when Mom took me to my first gathering!) My friends literally stamped their loving hearts out yesterday making cards for as many of their friends and family as possible. It's always so fun to see each individual's creativity "shine" and see how each adapts the ideas to make them her own.

Things that worked well for me: Having all the papers pre-cut; having each card's directions printed at each of the six "stations" (I'm a learning-center kind of teacher & have used this method for ages 2 through adult for the past 30 years); demonstrating a few techniques to the large group before saying, "Ready, set, create!"

Things that I'll do differently next time: NOT offer so many choices, i.e., limit the card choices to TWO (rather than six...what was I thinking?); divide the group so that the max is six people at my one big table, so I'm not running between two rooms; making sure each person listens and understands the technique directions that I teach (and bribe with M&Ms?); pair people with experience and little experience. (I'm learning by doing!)

While I was busy showing and telling and enjoying my teaching-time, Paula had the honor of taking photos of the group. I'll be sure to post a few when I receive them from her. My downlines Paula and Lori and I are working hard to get a monthly unit of scrappers started to use the great Workshops On The Go!

If you're reading my blog post and already have unit meetings and use WOTG, I'd enjoy hearing from you how your group uses the materials, how you rotate your hostess rewards, and any other details you have to share. My one-year anniversary with CTMH is coming up at the end of May, and I'm continually learning from my CTMH sisters.

I thank you all for visiting my blog, leaving your kind and helpful comments, and helping me to grow and learn!

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