Monday, April 27, 2009

Fancy Cut Botanicals Floral Bouquet Birthday Card

When I saw a "floral bouquet card" on SCS's site by Jennifer D, I knew I had to try a design of my own. Hers inspired me...but mine is definitely different in quite a few ways.

The most time consuming part was calculating the cutting for the pot and for the card sentiment pull-out insert so that I used only ONE 12 x 12 inch cardstock. I used my MS lacy border punch and wired ribbon from M's. Everything else is from CTMH. My personal note and signature will go on the back of the pull-out insert.

I decided to use the heart stamps to serve as the leaves. This card is for a lovely, nearly 92-year old friend whose birthday is coming up soon. She won't have to water or fresh-cut these flowers for them to last a while.

Maybe my second attempt will take me less time--it's that first baby original that takes the hardest push!

BTW, if you left me a kind, complimentary comment and it doesn't show up here, it's because I re-posted the photos, and then oops! everything disappeared! Oh, my! So sorry! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for looking and commenting!


Marie said...

I'm going to have to "lift" this one :-). Beautiful!

Jane ... said...

Thanks, Marie! That's the nicest compliment! :-)

I just finished the second floral bouquet in a flower pot & am too tired to photograph it...will try to post it sometime tomorrow evening as I have a full Tuesday ahead. Then I'll also provide the cutting dimensions I used. Blessings!

Samantha said...

This gorgeous. Wow!

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