Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I just got home from an eye appointment because this morning my eyes were this RED... no white areas showing at all...after I got them "unglued." It was so gross!

Diagnosis: an infection (otherwise known as conjunctivitis or "pink eye" -- aren'tcha glad you don't live in our house?!) that is VERY contagious.

Treatment: a week of antibiotic eyedrops (otherwise known as "liquid gold" at $140 a tiny bottle--thank God for antibiotics AND insurance!) and prednisone drops for inflammation.

I never had this before & wouldn't wish it on a teacher I remember kids had it in my classes & they were banned from school for a while. My resistance must've been much better in those days. From now on, I'm taking antibacterial wipes along for those shopping cart handles and door knobs!

We take our eyes for granted most days ... until we can't use them. Right now mine are screamin' angry with pain, and I'm going to come back to blogging and paper crafting when they feel MUCH relieved. C-U-Later!

Remember to wash your hands well during this flu and germy season!


Sharli said...

Oh Jane!!! I'm so distressed about your situation - our eyesight is SO precious! Thank God you have medical care now and I pray your recovery will be speedy and complete!

Leslie said...

Jane, wow, I'm sorry you have to go through that. You know I just got home from the grocery store and one thing I am so glad that the Publix's do here in Florida is provide antibacterial wipes all over the store but especially right next to the shopping carts. There is nothing worse than grabbing the handle of a STICKY ICKY shopping card. Hope you get well and are scrappin again in no time.

jolena said...

Oh Jane thats awful!!!Im so sorry!
That is the yuckiest stuff! Praise the Lord for Doctors and antibiotics!! (and dont forget 24 hours after youve been taking the anitbiotics to wash and disinfect everything!!!(they didnt tell me that the 1st time.))Praying you will have a speedy recovery!
Blessings to you! Jolena

Missgingerdots said...

I hope you feel better! Pink eye is yuk! We will miss you in the blogging world. Get better SOON!

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