Saturday, September 5, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

We visited the Jefferson National Park--Gateway to the West Arch along St. Louis' riverfront yesterday with friends who visited us from Cleveland for the holiday weekend.

The shadows were subtle on the south sides of the Arch legs.

It was a clear, sunny, beautiful day to ride to the top and look over the bi-state area of Missouri and Illinois and all the city blocks.
I love it when the people appear as busy ants on the sidewalks below.

Al succeeded in keeping the Arch standing tall, and another nice man took over the position when we left to have a picnic lunch in Tower Grove Park.
Here's a shadow shot of Wendy, Becky, and Al as we left the Arch grounds.

The Eads Bridge spans between Laclede's Landing near the Arch across the Mississippi River to East St. Louis. It supports both road and railway traffic. On some summer weekends, the bridge is closed to traffic and it's the site of a fantastic "Food Fair" where we can eat and watch riverfront fireworks displays.

Wendy, Al, and Becky had lived in St Louis for a while, so they wanted to re-visit some of their favorite spots. Here are Wendy and Al enjoying a dessert treat at Ted Drewes Frozen Custard--a tasty St Louis landmark famous for their "concretes." (You can turn your cup upside down and the concrete is frozen firm.)
The flavor of the day was pineapple. Some of our favorites include "Cardinal Sin," "Dutch Apple," "TerraMizzou" and "Fox Treat." Lots of fruity flavors, hot fudge, pecans, pistachios, and macadamia nuts, and cherries in these.
Becky, how did you eat yours so fast?

Visit HeyHarriet to see interesting collages of Shadow Shots each week. Thanks, Tracy, for keeping your great blog collection going, going, going!


Sarah said...

That arch is so striking! Riding to the top sounds great!

Rita said...

So nice to open a blog and find a touch of home. The arch is always at the top of the sightseeing list when we have guest. And, you can't go to the city without stopping at Ted Drewes.

I use to live just down the street from Ted Drewes and I certainly miss popping in there on a warm summer night for a concrete. NO place like it. A real landmark for the area.

MonikaRose said...

Hello, great shots this Sunday. What a tall structure, love the pics. Thanks for sharing. Cya MonikaROse :)

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

What an awesome shot! The arch is on our "to see" list!

Beverley Baird said...

Looks like a wonderful trip - great subtle shadows.

Hey Harriet said...

A fun post. Al did a great job in keeping the Arch standing. With minimal effort it appears too! Hope you both enjoyed your tasty treats :)

Sweet Repose said...

Been by the arch many times, but never up close, will have to make it a day trip from Iowa, fun shots!

Crafty Green Poet said...

what a strange looking structure, I think my vertigo would stop me riding to the top...

Linda said...

Great photos! We visited there for the first time in July and just loved St. Louis. But, darn it, I didn't think to get a photo of my husband holding the arch up -- what was I thinking??? This made me really smile!

storyteller said...

Marvelous photos with wonderful shadows! Sorry to be visiting so late ... life's kind of gotten away from me the past few weeks but I'm doing what I can to catch up today.
Hugs and blessings,

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